Rules of Play

Learn the Rules!    Play by the Rules!

Our leagues our self referred and we insist on good sportsmanship.  

Competitive or Intermediate or Rec… the main goal is FUN!  (Rules in rec league will not be enforced, but we encourage all players to try to learn and play by the rules.)  If you don't know - ask!


Adult Co-Ed (4 on 4)


    1. Must have one of each gender on the court at all times.
    2. Must have minimum of three players on the court to start play.
    3. Every 15 minutes that a team doesn’t meet the minimum player compliments, they forfeit one set.
    4. First match slot will run from 6:45-7:45, second match slot runs from 7:45-8:45pm.
    5. All matches will consist of three sets. Sets are 21 points and you must win by two points, or first team to 23. Teams must switch sides when the total score is a multiple of seven.


Points System:
Winning set = 2 points
Tie set without a point difference of 2 = 1 point

  1. Rainouts will be decided by SASS and posted on the website, facebook, and twitter by 6:00pm. If not posted on the website then you should arrive at the beach ready to play. Games will not proceed in thunderstorms or heavy rain.
  2. International Beach Volleyball Federation (FIVB) rules will be followed including: Block counts as one of teams’ three hits; blocker can hit the ball a second time, Volley on the first contact is not allowed unless it is a hard driven ball (spike), No open hand tips, Volley over the net must be square unless attempting to set your own player.
  3. A player must play at least 3 regular season nights and must be on your roster to be eligible for the year end playoff tournament.