Indoor Volleyball - Rules


1. OVA Ball Actions will be in effect.

2. A team member cannot play for two teams within the league. Players must be 16 years of age.

3. If more than three matches are forfeited in a season, the team will be notified of immediate removal from the league, without a refund of league fees.

4. For safety reasons, please do not play in wet or dirty shoes or socks. Street shoes should not be worn on the volleyball court. It is the responsibility of each team to enforce this rule.

5. Four person minimum for a team to play a match. All players capable of playing who are in attendance must rotate and serve through all matches. A player may serve a maximum of five serves before they rotate in recreational (B) division; same team continues to serve.

6. You may have a five minute warm-up period. After five minutes, if a team does not have enough players to begin the match, they will be declared late and one point will be awarded to the punctual team. If any sets are not played or completed due to a team’s late arrival, then the points of the remaining or incomplete sets will be awarded to the punctual team. For every five minutes a team is late, they lose a set. Within twenty minutes, all sets are forfeited. Referees will determine start time of each match. When both teams are punctual and any sets are not started by the end of the 45 minutes, the points will be awarded to either team for the missed sets.

7. All matches will consist of three sets. Sets are twenty-five points and you must win by two points, or first team to twenty-seven. One point awarded per set.

8. Referee will determine if enough time is left to start a new set and will announce last rally to determine the winner if time limit is reached.

9. The basketball net will be ruled “out of bounds” on both the serve and during play.

10. Referees will ask for players assistance when referee’s vision may be impeded, thus in or out of bounds must be declared by players on their honor. Referees will be instructed to referee a recreational style of volleyball. If you do not agree with them, have only the captain try to discuss it at the time. If the problem still exists, the game sheet must be signed by the team saying that they are playing/signing under protest and the Club must be notified immediately. If an OVA disqualification has been issued, the player must leave the gym. If the offending player refuses to leave, the referee will award any remaining sets in the match to the opposite team and will leave the gym at that time.

11. If both teams agree, if team a or b does not have enough players they can borrow enough players from the opposing team, and the game will not be forfeited.

13.Cancellations – Should your team need to cancel a game, contact the opposing team and SASS prior to 4:30 pm. Games can NOT be rescheduled.