SASS strives to continually promote an active lifestyle, friendly competition, and the beautiful community of Saugeen Shores.   Our leagues and events are organized to provide a FUN and social atmosphere.  Safety is paramount so please read the policies below and share them with your teammates because strict enforcement will apply.


Foul language, aggressive behaviour, avoidable physical contact, verbal disputes over rules and scores, disrespect for other players or SASS organizers will NOT BE TOLERATED.   Unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in players and/or teams being removed from SASS leagues without refund.   Remember everyone is out for a fun and social athletic experience!


a.    Responsibility of Team Captains

Team captains are responsible for the following:

·         Registration & payment

·         Roster management and ensuring all participants have signed waivers

·         Communication of schedules and other information to team members

·         First aid of team members

·         Team members are behaving appropriately during league and tournament play;  respecting facilities and respecting other players

·         Disputes (scores, rules, etc) are appropriately  managed with respect

·         Scores are recorded and reported to organizers

·         Communication of forfeits to the opposing team captain and SASS


b.   Forfeits

Teams forfeiting multiples times during a season are at risk of being removed from the league at the discretion of SASS.



a.   Payment

All team and individual registrations will be processed in Canadian Dollars through our online PCI DSS compliant purchasing provider.   Visa and Mastercard are accepted.   Payment by cheque or cash will also be accepted, but must be submitted directly to SASS.  A $20 fee will apply for NSF cheques.  Registration will only be complete once payment is received.   Our leagues have caps on number of teams allowed, therefore first teams to pay will be entered into the leagues. 

b.   Waivers

All players MUST sign a waiver each season before participating in any league or tournament.  No exceptions.   Waivers do not carry-over from previous seasons.  Waivers are provided online during the registration process.  If you need assistance finding the waiver, please contact us for a hardcopy.  Players without waivers will NOT be allowed to play.

c.   Refunds

No refunds will be provided.



Personal information collected during the registration process by SASS or it's online credit card processing provider will not be shared or sold to third parties, with the exception that from time-to-time, team captains’ names and emails may be provided to other team captains for the purposes of game cancellations, forfeits, etc. 



     a.  Alcohol

Our facilities (schools, public beach, etc) have strict No Alcohol Policies; therefore no alcohol is permitted during leagues and tournaments unless consumed in a designated licensed area.

  b. Respect

To ensure SASS will have continued use of school-board owned properties and public areas, respect for these facilities is required by all SASS participants.

·         No drugs or alcohol

·         Pick up your garbage

·         Damage to facilities will not be tolerated.  If inadvertent damage does occur (i.e. to the dividing wall at the schools), please notify SASS immediately so that corrective measures can be taken.

·         No trespassing into other areas of schools not designated for league play



a.       Weather - Cancellations due to weather will be posted on our website and facebook page as early as possible.


b.      Schedules - Schedules are posted on our website.   


c.      Playoffs - Playoff schedules will be posted when available.


d.      Scores - Team captains are responsible for ensuring scores are recorded on the provided scoresheets.   Standings will be updated on our website.